About Us

Company Profile

Western Carbon & Chemicals (W.C.C) is a leading and globally acclaimed manufacturer and supplier of coconut shell, coal and wood based activated carbon products, minerals and adsorbents. Established in 1968, W.C.C has been forging the way ahead since its inception by adopting a pro-innovation approach and utilizing the latest technologies to provide a comprehensive range of products for client-specific requirements and applications.

W.C.C's forte lies in developing customized products and solutions, especially for complex applications. Located in Vadodara – Gujarat - India, W.C.C caters globally to the needs of customers across Asia, Europe, and the Middle & Far East countries with its product portfolio of activated carbons, anthracite coal, garnet, manganese dioxide, activated alumina balls, ceramic balls and molecular sieves. The company’s Vadodara plant is one of the most advanced world-class manufacturing plants in India.

Besides its comprehensive range of adsorbent and mineral products, W.C.C offers services such as carbon evaluation and technical support to help customers meet their specific purification needs in a cost effective manner. The company is also globally recognized for its efficiency in timely delivery of bulk orders.

Our Vision

“To create a future where people are safe and the environment is protected from pollutants in air, water, food, consumables and industrial processes.”
We work towards making this future a reality through our sustainable and people centric approach, technical and product expertise and technological proficiency.

Our Mission

“To deliver superior quality products and high growth for all stakeholders worldwide, through continuous technological upgradation, R & D, innovation and augmentation of our expertise, resources, processes and portfolio; while maintaining an environment conscious approach across all business practices and endeavours.”
In the span of last fifty years we have developed many grades of activated carbon and expanded our portfolio to include other adsorbents and minerals. We have achieved this through our constant R&D, continual upgradation and a highly motivated and committed workforce.

Customer Centricity at its Core

At W.C.C, the driving force behind all our actions is the unrelenting will to add value to our customers. Our team of technical experts and customer service specialists focus on understanding and addressing the challenges and requirements of our customers. Through constant technological, process and product upgradation, we ensure that our customers receive optimum product quality and impeccable service, in time and on time always. At W.C.C, we take pride in providing the best fit solution and adding value to our customers every time – all the time.

Sustainability - Our Responsibility

At W.C.C, we are not driven by profit alone . Quality is our topmost priority and we approach quality in a responsible and sustainable way. As India’s pioneering carbon and chemical company, we take the welfare of all our employees, stakeholders and the environment seriously. We work by the mantra “Clean Air, Pure Water and Green Earth for All”. Detoxification of air and gases, water, chemicals and metals is our prime interest. We develop, innovate and improvise our products, solutions and processes to ensure that the social, ecological and economical impacts of our operations are positive to the regions in which we operate. We adhere to stringent international standards, have efficient processing equipment, certified processes and facility and procure only natural eco-friendly raw materials.

Quality Assurance

We uphold the highest standards when it comes to our products, processes, procurement, services as well as our business practices. Since our inception, we have been stringent towards our commitment to provide optimum product quality and impeccable service, each and every time. The goodwill of our customers, employees and all stakeholders is proof of the fulfillment of our promises. We are an accredited organization adhering to international ISO 9001:2008, Halal, Kosher, Food Safety Management (ISO 22000) & Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.